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Walter Drake Inc. designs and manufactures custom thermoformed plastic packaging in the form of clamshells, trays and blisters for medical, pharmaceutical, electronic, consumer and industrial packaging applications.

About Walter Drake

For 45 years Walter Drake Inc. has designed and manufactured custom thermoformed clear plastic packaging and colorful opaque plastic packaging.


When it comes to thermoformed package design and manufacturing, Walter Drake creates fully engineered plastic packaging. From start to finish, Walter Drake carries the load.

Contact Walter Drake

Call or contact Walter Drake to ask about custom thermoformed packaging in the form of clamshells, blisters and trays for the medical, pharmaceutical, electronics and consumer industries.


Medical Packaging

We provide immaculate and fully traceable custom thermoformed medical packaging containers.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

We are a custom thermoformer that designs and manufactures specialized pharmaceutical packaging.

Electronic Packaging

Walter Drake designs and manufactures high-performance custom thermoformed clamshell, tray and blister packaging for electronic packaging.

Static Dissipative Containers

Walter Drake has a particular focus on the manufacture of custom thermoformed conductive and static dissipative containers — clamshell and tray packaging for ESD electronics packaging applications.

Clean Room Packaging

Our certified clean room facility can handle all contamination sensitive production requirements for thermoformed plastic clamshell, tray and blister packaging.

Custom Handling Trays

We have a 45-year history of creating custom designed, highly functional plastic handling trays and shipping trays.

Consumer and Retail Packaging

Let Walter Drake use size and shape to design compelling retail display packaging for your consumer packaging needs.

Product Types

Plastic Clamshell Containers

We are well known for the design and manufacture of visually interesting and functional plastic clamshell containers. As a custom thermoformer, our clamshells are custom designed to meet your specific taste and requirements.

Thermoformed Trays

Walter Drake designs and manufactures highly functional thermoformed trays to meet a range of requirements and price points from work-in-process handling trays and shipping trays — to general merchandise packaging — to high-performance medical and electronic packaging.

Plastic Blister Packaging

When it comes to interesting and reliable thermoformed blister packaging, Walter Drake creates plastic blister packaging that is custom designed to meet your specific taste and requirements.